Ondiri Swamp

Ondiri Swamp the the only Quaking Bog in Kenya

Ondiri swamp is a kilometer from Kikuyu Town in Kiambu County.

It was named Old Lake during the colonial times but local Kikuyu people corrupted the phrase to Ondiri. 

Ondiri swamp serves as an underground outlet to Lake Naivasha and that makes it a perennial bog. 

According to hydrologists, the swamp, which stands on a 30-hectare piece of land, is 10 kilometres deep.

Birdlife is prolific in a good day you may record over 70 species from water birds such Common Moorhen Black Crake, Little Bittern, Kingfishers, Herons, Water Rails, and other terrestrial species

Story of a woman, we met at the swamp and lives in Kikuyu town, she says she is terrified of the Ondiri Swamp.

She says her mother told her and her many brothers and sisters a story when they were kids,that a cow stumbled into the swamp and got stuck in the mud.
Some people tried to pull the cow out, but when it came free some enormous creature had bitten off half of it.
The people decided to eat what was left but all of them got very sick and some of them died.
Hope this story is not actually true but that the legend of the terrible creature of the swamp (probably not a Hippo) lives on, it might be conservation's best hope!
Ondiri swamp has its natural uniqueness. It is the only quaking bog (wet spongy and shaky ground that has no foundation) in the country and is the second deepest wetland on the continent after another in Doula, Cameroon.
Ondiri Swamp is also a recreation joint as people, especially couples, walk along the breath-taking area enjoying the serenity of the place