Ngong Road Forest Birding


Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary is one of only very few forests in the world that exists within a city. Only 6 kilometers from Nairobi's central business district, the forest is a precious resource for Kenya's capital city. The forest is 1224.4 hectares, with two seasoned rivers, Mutuini and Ruara.The forest used to be a large continous one starting all the way from Nairobi National Park to Ngong Hills,The construction of the southern bypass has segmented the forest into five sections.

Ngong Road Forest is in a unique position between the grasslands to the east and south and the cultivated lands to the north and west

The forest is not a highland or  lowland but in between,the soil in Nairobi is not very deep and the rainfall not very high, so trees don't grow big like in the tropical forest.Nevertherless this forest has many diverse species of trees and birds, it's easy to walk through because there is not much undergrowth. A pair of African Crowned Eagle has nested and bred in the forest for quite a number of years, in the same tree and nest

Suni the smallest antelope is seen  feeding on the undergrowth, other mammals in the forest includes duikers,bushbucks and the olive baboons


The birds of Ngong Forest Sanctuary include bird’s characteristic of the indigenous dry evergreen forest of Nairobi, birds of the surrounding grasslands and gardens, and water birds. Checklist:African, Grey ,Mountain &Yellow Wagtail ,Grassland& Tree Pipits, Yellow-throated Longclaws Slender-billed Greenbul ,Cabanis’s  &Yellow-bellied Greenbul ,Common Bulbul ,White-starred Robin ,Cape & Ruppell’s Robin-Chats ,Brown-backed Scrub Robin, Common Stonechat ,Northern &Pied Wheatear ,Olive Thrush, Yellow-whiskered Greenbul, Crimson rumped Waxbill, African Fish Eagle, White headed Barbet, Grosbeak Weaver, Singing Cisticola, Augur Buzzard, African Citril. Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeons are seen in flocks during the cold season, Golden tailed Woodpecker a species  seen in southern part of Kenya has been sighted  in Ngong road forest Butterflies  also occur in large numbers, especially after the rains