Mwangi Gitau


Mwangi Gitau was born and brought up in Nakuru (a city west of Nairobi about 90 miles) near the shores of Lake Elementeita (one of the Rift Valley Lakes).

His interest in nature was triggered at a tender age while still in primary school after seeing tourists flock to the lake to admire the huge flocks  flamingoes and other water birds in Lake Elementeita

Upon enquiring he learnt that the tourists travel from all over the world to experience these unique, fuschia colored birds.

Mwangi is now a trained professional guide, interested in anything and everything from an ant, bird, plant to a big elephant.

He is especially keen on bird tourism.

His interest in birding saw him join Nature Kenya a society that deals with learning, appreciation and conservation of nature in Kenya.

Mwangi Gitau Guides

Mwangi  has learnt much under the tutelage of Nature Kenya's Doyenne of Birds and Nature, Fleur Ng’weno.

Fleur has shared with  Mwangi  Gitau much of her immense knowledge on birds, plants and all nature.

Mwangi has participated in conservation projects and activities across East Africa such as environmental education and awareness creation, tree walks, Bi annual water bird counts organized by the Ornithology department of the National Museums of Kenya on all the Rift Valley lakes and wetlands.

Also as guide at the Nairobi National Museum he has learnt a lot on ethnography, prehistory of human origin, and herpetology.

To sum it all  Mwangi Gitau is a formidable all round naturalist, an enormous asset in any field trip who is eager to learn more.

He has led several safaris within East Africa.

Birding has taken him all over East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia with over 1000 species seen.

On his free time he  normally join the Nature Kenya birdwalk to assist in nurturing upcoming bird guides.