Birding News


ConQuest Adventures Ltd offers a range of friendly, affordable and skillfully guided tours in birding wildlife and photographys in  East Africa, we cater for all levels from beginners, amateurs and twitchers.

Our guided tours  are intended not only to offer incredible bird watching/game viewing, but also a satisfying calming experience.

On most of our bird watching safaris we aim to see a wide variety of species, while taking time to enjoy other wildlife, as well as other diversities of interest

There are lots of fantastic experiences to be had in East Africa.

Unforgettable moments can occur anywhere and at any time, but we try to highlight birding news of the best the region has to offer when it comes to bird watching, game safaris,hiking, trekking,camping & day excursions

The page highlights our exciting birding news , the experiences, places visited and the total number of birds seen or recorded