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Day Birding Tours


There are several locales within the  precincts of Nairobi city which are ideal and productive for day birding tours, places such as: Nairobi National Park, Swara Plains,Lukenya Hills Gatamaiyu Forest/Manguo Swamps, Mau Eburu Forest, Magadi Road, Lakes; Naivasha, Elementaita & Nakuru, Karura Forest, Ngong Road Forest, Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi Arboretum, Nairobi City Park, Paradise Lost and Brackenhurst.

Depending with your time we offer half day or the whole day birding, in all the above mentioned areas which are minutes to an hour or two drive from Nairobi, you can see, add, record interesting bird species with the help of our seasoned bird guides.

Most of the birding tours in Kenya starts in Nairobi due to the improved infrastructure and most of the clients use the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

For easier planning we request our clients to send us a list of birds they expect to add to their list or see, with that in mind we will create a carefully , detailed itinerary. It is also easier to book a birding trip in many of these areas on a short notice

With over 1000 bird species recorded, several endemics and many near endemics and birding which starts in the capital city Nairobi which has more than 500 bird species recorded and  a national park close to it,has quite  alot  of places to visit either while driving or walking, Kenya can justifiably be depicted as a haven for birders. Whether you are a new or regular visitor to East Africa, an ornithologist or a traveler with a passing interest in birds, Kenya should be high on your list of priorities to visit anytime

Our birding tours feature:

  •     Carefully planned itineraries, great birding 
  •     Knowledgeable Guides, enthusiastic and eager to share their expertise
  •     The best local guides, adept at finding & spotting birds also making sure that everyone sees it. 
  •      Excellent value for your money
  •      Good to excellent accommodation facilities
  •      Places you will spend time walking rather than be confined in a vehicle